Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Misty Forest starts NEW Homeschool Option for Teens

Misty Forest Academy in downtown Orlando will be offering a NEW homeschool program for High School age teens starting this fall.  Here's how the program will work:
  • Each student will work on their own subjects and lessons at their own level.
  • Parents purchase and provide curriculum which their child will use throughout the year in the four main academic areas: Math, Science, English and History/Social Studies. Curriculum must be designed to be self-directed, self taught and secular. Currently, all of our families have chosen "Oak Meadow" for many of the subjects for this purpose.
  • Each student will be give an individualized "program" and schedule each Monday which outlines all of their lessons and work that needs to be completed in their curriculum for every day of the week. They will receive this on Monday.
  • Teens will work through and complete each of their assignments at Misty Forest, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00-2:30pm. They will each have their own space to work that best helps them concentrate and be successful. Some will need desks, some a quiet corner on pillows, some might need to sit next to the teacher the entire time to stay on task and feel supported. Whatever they need to best succeed, will be available.
  • Ms. Nancy, their "teacher", will be present and available to answer any questions that the students have about their assignments and direct them to the best place via Internet or elsewhere for further support and information. Her role is to be of support and encouragement when needed, and to make sure that each is staying on track with their own individual program and goals for the week.
  • The group will have lunch together each day as well as specific "group" classes, activities and discussions. There will be many opportunities for socializing, bonding and becoming involved in community throughout the week.
  • Each student will have 3 days of "in school" days each week. Thursday and Friday they will work at home to complete any unfinished assignments or be able to participate in various fun field trips and events planned for the group on Fridays if their work is finished.
  • Ms. Nancy will grade and provide feedback to each student throughout the week according to the teacher manual provided for each course.
  • Parents will receive a copy of their child's individual program, assignments and grades each week.
  • All records and transcripts for the year will be kept and provided to each parent at the end of the school year.
  • A teacher that specializes in High School Math and Science will also be there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to provide additional support and instruction in those areas.
  • The weekly fee for this unique program with full teacher support, individualized lesson plans, face- to-face teacher/student interaction with two highly qualified teachers, grading, record-keeping, transcripts and more for only $95 per week.
  • The intention of this program is to create a community and environment for homeschooled teens that makes them feel a sense of belonging, connection, love of learning, accomplishment and success.
  • Scholarships and bartering opportunities are available.
Currently they have 5 teens, 9th through 12th grade, that have enrolled, purchased their curriculum and are ready to start their new school year together this September 4th. If you think you'd like to explore this opportunity and path for your child and family, you can contact the program Director, Chimene Hurst, directly at 407-760-2960.

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