Sunday, February 10, 2013

Solimar Academy provides customized K-12 Homeschool Program

The Solimar Academy Independent Study Program was created by Victoria Kindle Hodson and Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, authors of Discover Your Child's Learning Style and founders of the LearningSuccess™ Institute.  Their organization trains and certifies parents and teachers to become LearningSuccess Coaches.

I first discovered the Learning Success Institute when I started homeschooling my oldest daughter for 1st grade.  That year we used Laurel Springs School but our coach was a LearningSuccess trained coach.  The following year we signed up with Learning Success to create a customized program that worked perfectly for her.  It also gave me confidence in what I was doing as a "coach" to help her develop her interests at home and start an enrichment program for homeschoolers here in Orlando.

Now that I've had my kids in public school (because I wanted them to have that experience), I feel even more certain that homeschooling is the right option for us to have a balanced family life and allow my kids to develop their interests.  I wanted to believe the school I had enrolled them in was different, when it was really just another public school focused on standardized testing and meeting the states standards for "core curriculum".  

Solimar Academy is different from other distance learning programs for homeschoolers because there is no set curriculum or focus on state standards, it is all customized to the child's learning style and interests. The goals of the program are to:

  • Develop natural talents & interests
  • Develop communication and problem solving skills
  • Increase confidence and motivation for lifelong learning
  • Help students discover their direction / mission in life
  • Develop goal setting and planning skills
  • Develop money management and other life skills
  • Prepare students for productive adulthood
None of these goals are being accomplished when kids are forced to focus on achievement tests all the way through high school graduation!

Solimar Academy is a distance learning program and is located in Ventura, CA.  It is registered as a Private School in California and awards high school diplomas. For more information you can visit the Solimar Academy website.

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