Friday, March 9, 2012

Young Entrepreneur Boot Camp 2012

This spring Circle Christian School will offer the "Lemonade to Leadership" (L2L) 10-week Young Entrepreneur class.  The program gives students grades 4-7 with an entrepreneur’s spirit, an opportunity to investigate the basics of business and launch their own business by the end of the program.

As students progress through the ten-week program they will:
  • Conduct real world business research
  • Understand business terms
  • Explore different business types
  • Work through a business plan, including business cards, flyers or brochures, product packaging
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Learn to manage business finances
  • Improve leadership, teamwork and communication skills
  • Talk with local business owners
The program concludes with students launching their own business at the Young Entrepreneur Business Expo on May 16, 2012.

Students are expected to do 30-60 minutes of work outside of class each week in the form of gathering information for their work book questions, market research, or product development.  They must also participate in the launching of their business on May 16th where they will make a brief presentation about their business and a tri-fold brochure advertising their product or service.  The students will also have available flyers or brochures, business cards and products to sell, if applicable.

Opportunity to Continue
Once students have completed the Boot Camp program, alumni are invited to participate in the Entrepreneur Club, which meets on the third Thursday of each month.  During the year the students have opportunities to market and sell their product/service at public events, meet with business leaders in the community, grow or launch a new business, and participate in the Christmas Market. 
Fees and Meeting Dates:
  • $50.00 Registration Fee due upon registration
  • $150.00 Participation Fee (two monthly payments)
  • Meets once a week on Wednesdays, 3:00-5:00pm at Calvary Assembly, March 7 through May 16.
  • Final meeting and Marketplace on Tuesday, May 16.
How to Register:
Download a registration form from the Circle Christian website.  For more information, contact Tracy Post, L2L Business Coach.

If your child/children are unable to participate due to a schedule conflict you can purchase the Lemonade to Leadership Curriculum at the Excellence in Writing website.